About us:

I am a master blacksmith craftsman from Northern California who designs and creates blade tools and leathers using my handicraft heritage passed down through the generations. My goal is to preserve these crafts and traditions. My traditional and artisanal handicrafts are flourishing in this age of high technology.

I use my hands to create things that I will live, and they will remain in the history and in the hands of the people who will live on this earth after I leave. Each item I create is imbued with energy and personality, as well as a sense of love and care that each customer will experience on a daily basis, it is a reflection of my heart and creativity.

It is not my profile to produce on a large scale. All of my creations are made at my atelier, where I employ traditional methods and techniques while taking advantage of the beauty of a peaceful spot on the farm.

My focus is on exclusivity and quality rather than quantity. I want to help others remember how to use their hands, how to connect their personal energy to their tools, so they can experience the true joy of creating something from a humble beginning, like I do.

I’m building long-lasting joys in every product I make, and I’ll be here telling stories even after I’m gone.

I want to preserve our history, traditions, and handicrafts with high quality materials…